One of the most special things about teaching circus skills in schools is that it is attainable to children of all ages and abilities, not just to those with a natural aptitude to sport.

The disciplines we teach are chosen specifically for their skill set diversity. There will be something that each pupil will surprise themselves with and achieve.

It’s really great for encouraging concentration because once the pupil has seen the circus trainer demonstrate a really cool trick, they want to be able to do it too. Circus is pretty cool quite frankly!

Those pupils that manage to really listen to the break down of the tricks instructions will get the hang of it much faster than their peers who dive straight in. Seeing their peers who maybe aren’t thought of as dexterous or sporty normally, achieving the trick faster because they listened better is a quick leveller and an effective incentive to pay attention to the next one!

Our tutors carefully structure the workshops to build the children’s confidence and self-esteem gradually as they progress. Taught in a high energy and engaging manner we’ve found circus skills workshops to be both popular with pupils and teachers alike.

We provide circus skills workshops for infant and primary schools as well as secondary schools.