Corporate Team-Building Circus Workshops

Team-building workshops are a popular way to enhance problem-solving, trust and communication skills at work. But if you’re bored of the outdated office format, cringey personal introductions and semi-suited empowerment exercises, why not try a unique and quirky alternative?

Our Circus workshops help your staff to discover new talents, hidden skills and unleash a lot of fun. Run by experienced circus performers, we bring all the equipment to your company premises.

Fun Corporate Team Events

The format of our corporate circus workshops can vary enormously to suit your needs, budget and available space.  If you are looking for fun and unusual team building activities in London, Berkshire and the Home Counties, here’s a small selection of ideas we can bring to your business:

  • an hour’s juggling lesson in your office
  • a circus skills taster evening with team challenges
  • a circus zone for your family fun day events

Circus Workshops for Business

For a team to be effective, they need to feel they belong and have a common sense of purpose. That they feel respected, needed and rewarded. The circus skills workshops benefit your team morale and cohseion in many ways:


Interactive team building activities they’ll actually enjoy

No more eye rolls or huffing and puffing. We’ll bring you interactive circus skills challenges your staff will enjoy, talk about and fully engage with.

Problem solving

Encourage group problem-solving in the business

Several heads are better than one.  Whether there’s an imminent restructure or relocation looming, new projects, working processes or you just want to make sure the team is equipped for day-to-day challenges, we help them develop their creativity and engagement with each other.


Improve team communication at work

Whether you have a restructure of relocation looming, new projects or processes, or just want to improve the way your staff handle day-to-day challenges, a circus workshop will ensure they have to communicate effectively to achieve team goals and avoid consequence. Our experienced trainers will monitor at all times to ensure everyone is safe, but small elements of risk-taking are a great way to get people talking and working together.


Managing diversity in the workplace

Teaching your employees to respect each other’s differing abilities and skills at work will create a more cohesive and capable team.  No-one is seen as a weak link; everyone can bring their unique value into the mix.

Team activity

Unite a disjointed team using fun activites

Consider getting your sales team together with your clients. Encourage front of house to bond with back office staff. Recover from low morale and redundancies by introducing some fun back into the workplace. Circus makes everyone smile.

Contact us to discuss what you’d like to achieve at your corporate team-building events and we’ll present you with some excellent suggestions for fun, unusual and memorable activity days!


Company Team Building Workshop, London

"The Workshop Company made our team feel at ease and all of us had so much fun. The workshop truly was bringing the team together whilst improving our interpersonal skills. What I loved most was how much fun everyone was having, who knew we could all juggle and walk a tight rope so well! I would definitely recommend the workshop if you are looking to bring the team together and add a fun element to the busy working day."

Laura Timm, Mentor & Speaker, Success Without Limits

Primary School Circus Workshop, London

"Excellent workshops! Our year 3 children thoroughly enjoyed learning challenging and fun new skills with an excellent circus tutor. All the children had an amazing experience and were really sad when our series of sessions ended. Really looking forward to using your company again next year."

Beth Freeman, Millennium Primary School, Greenwich

Event Circus Workshop, London

“We hired Nikki from The Workshop Company to run interactive workshops in our Inspiration Zone at our personal development exhibition. She was very professional and organised and the sessions were run very well. The audience loved them and she engaged with everybody and made them fun and entertaining. We would definitely recommend hiring her again.”

Grace Bird, Event Coordinator and Marketing, The Best You Magazine, London

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Did you know?

Circus skills can improve…

  • Confidence
  • Self esteem
  • Communication
  • Physical fitness
  • Co-ordination
  • Ambidexterity
  • Reflexes
  • Rhythm and timing
  • Balance
  • Body orientation

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