Workshop Structure

Infant and primary school circus skills workshop

Full school day, individual classes

For Infant and Primary schools, during a morning assembly, your tutor will present the skills that the pupils will be later learning in a fun and exciting demonstration. For Secondary schools we recommend starting straight into the lessons to maximise teaching time with more complex equipment and tricks.

The workshops commence timetabled to suit the number of classes required during the day. There can be a maximum of 7 workshops with no more than 35 pupils per workshop in a full school day. It is essential that one school teacher remain with the group during their workshop.

The workshops will be taught a year group class at a time. We can provide age suitable workshops from nursery right up to year 13. Classes 30-45 minutes in duration are adequate for the youngest year groups with an hour plus being suitable for years 2 upwards. The longer the session times, the more skills and tricks we can teach!

If your school has more classes than will fit into one day we are happy to provide discounted full or half days so that no one misses out!
Secondary school circus skills workshop

Full school day, intensive class with finale show

A full day with one or two groups, up to 35 in number each. Session breaks fit around your schools timetable cumulating in a performance by the group at the end of the day for their peers and/or families. If a show isn’t required we’ll focus more time on teaching extra tricks.

During the lessons the pupils will receive intensive tuition on each piece of age appropriate equipment. They will have time to develop their skills with each. They will learn presentation skills and how to work together in groups to create a show.

Your tutor will help them structure the performance and will also act as compere for the show, helping create a fun circus show atmosphere for the audience. This format is only suitable for years 2 upwards.
Infant and primary school circus skills workshop

Drop in Workshop

This is suitable for school fetes and fun days or an after school activity. Your tutor will bring and set up a selection of equipment in a designated area. Children and parents are then able to come in and have a go with the equipment.

Tuition is not structured but will be given as is needed on a one to one basis with participants free to wander in and out.

"The Circus Workshop was great. Please pass on our thanks to Phil. He was good with the children and able to adapt to the different age groups very well. Thank you."

"Nikki was brilliant. The children had an amazing day and many of them went home saying it was the best day at school ever! A good value for money day. Many thanks."

"We had a wonderful day with Jay - he was fabulous. His sessions were highly active and fun. All of the children were engaged throughout and they learned new skills."

"Thank you very much for the workshop instructors, they were great. The children loved it and had a really good time and everything went to schedule ... magnificent."

"Nikki was very professional and organised and the sessions were run very well. The audience loved them. We would definitely recommend hiring her again."

"Nikki was absolutely excellent. The children were completely hooked and wanted to do more. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone for a circus skills day."

"We had a fantastic day. I loved seeing the children happy and laughing. Even the teachers enjoyed trying all the different activities, especially the stilts!! 10/10"

"Teachers were very complimentary. Thank you so much for all your time and effort in organising and delivering our workshops. I will be sure to recommend you to others."

"We put a feather on our hand and balanced it. We had to look at the eye of the feather. It was like magic!" (from a Reception child)

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