5 Reasons for having a Team building day.

Have you ever wondered why businesses have team building days?   The answer is simple, People nurture and care for that which they help to build. Your team needs to be something which everyone feels they have a part in building. Having a team in which people feel ownership over, results in better productivity and a happier workplace.

A staff who have less conflict and work in harmony together, is everyone’s dream, right?

Companies are made up of many parts be that a group of 7 in one small office, or a multinational which functions over many offices worldwide. But every team needs to have a sense of cohesion and joint purpose.

Teams are fluid, people are added at different times, meaning friendships are formed, coalitions built, and while this can in some areas be effective, it can also mean communication breaks down and working relationships become strained. That’s why a regular team building day is a vital part of any thriving company’s calendar.
The website ‘chillisauce, explains this well…..

‘A few simple games played on company time can totally transform your workforce by rejuvenating your employee’s spirit and boosting their enthusiasm for work. It’s the simple release of energy that allows them to refocus and ultimately become more productive and efficient at their job.’

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Leaving the job of bonding your team together to the Christmas night out, is bound to end in failure. No amount of Christmas cheer will undo a year of tension in the office. Taking a day to do something totally different from the norm, places everyone on a level playing field (as much as possible that is, there’s always one person who is good at everything!).

Choosing an activity which is totally different from the industry you operate in is a good idea. For example, taking a group of people who work in the forensics industry to a team day of ‘solving a crime scene’ is perhaps missing the point slightly!

5 things to consider before choosing your team building activity.

If you are considering a team building day, you will want to know what the best team building activities are. To get the best answer for your business, it’s worth considering a few things before you decide on a specific activity

1. How big is your team?

If you have a very small team, choosing an activity which everyone can quite easily take part in is vital. If your team is very large, you may need an activity which offers a range of aspects to it, to keep everyone stimulated and engaged,

2. Does anyone have a disability or additional needs?

The first rule of a day which is designed to build your team – don’t isolate someone in it! Making sure you have thought through the needs of all your team is really important. Not only physical accessibility needs but considering if someone on your team is dyslexic or claustrophobic? You aren’t going to find an activity which absolutely everyone enjoys, but if you are a small team, it’s worth considering if anyone finds certain activities panic inducing. A team member having a panic attack on your team day, may not be the best outcome!

Diabolo training

3. Travel

Spending a long time travelling to or from a team day may take the edge off its benefits. Travel can make a day feel long, and when everyone arrives having been stuck in traffic for 3 hours – it’s never the best start to the day.

4. Cost

Think about how much you want to spend. Your team need to feel like they are being made a priority and the day, not a token gesture, but equally, if you are to have team building days as a regular feature, they need to be financially sustainable.

5. Activity

Once you have considered the above pointers, it’s time to decide on the type of activity which will best suit your team.

What are the best team building activities?
There are a whole host of team building activities available, during our research we discovered some we didn’t even know existed!

For a full list of activities available, this is a great resource –

A few which stood out were:

  • ‘Taken’ ( sounds a little scary!)
  • James Bond day
  • Crime scene investigates
  • Drumming workshop
  • You can even learn the Haka!


  • Bushcraft activity – if lighting a fire and making a shelter is your cup of tea.
  • Circus Skills- that’s where we come in!

Circus Skills – why is it a good choice?

We realise we may be a little bias with this option, but there’s no getting around the fact that a circus skills workshop really is an ideal activity for team building.

Spinning plates







A circus skills workshop breaks down barriers by creating an environment that promotes interaction.
Promotes attitudes of learning and problem solving together.
Develops respect for different abilities

It’s also a lot of fun!
The brilliant thing about having a circus skills workshop for your team day is simply this – it’s fun! It’s also likely that no one in your team will be a pro at it, this eliminates the issue of making people feel unskilled/isolated. Everyone starts on a level playing field and ends the day having achieved something tangible both as an individual and as a group.

Corporate tightrope

Accessible to all
When choosing an activity it is really important that you don’t choose something which isolates members of your team. Most teams are made up of a range of age groups and demographics, a circus skills workshop is a perfect choice. It’s fun, lighthearted, focused and enjoyable, breaking down any barriers created by age or preference, The very act of learning to tightrope walk, or spin a plate puts a smile on the faces of everyone. It’s difficult to maintain a serious facade when you’re learning to juggle!
We also run workshops for children, so there is no question of circus skills accessibility. We can tailor a session to meet the specific needs of your group’s skill set and dynamics. Having fun together breaks down social barriers, and allows team cohesion to be developed.


We can come to you, or a venue you choose. A circus workshop is versatile, it can be an hour in a venue where you work, or we can host a half day of activities. We can break the day and intermix with other activities or, create a stand alone team building day.
We know that every company is different, and requires different packages. Just drop us a line so we can speak to you about what you need.

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