Long days in the office can be stressful and tiresome, leaving some staff feeling flat and unmotivated. Team building is a proven way of bringing inspiration and energy to the work force and increasing productivity.

At the Workshop Company, we offer circus skills team building workshops to suit your needs giving your team the boost of morale and team spirit they deserve.

Our team building exercises create a fun environment where co-workers are encouraged to interact and improve their communication skills. A fantastic way to build confidence, allowing new staff members to integrate, as well as improving fractured relationships between staff members. Our activities tackle problem solving, allowing team mates to work together and understand the strengths and weaknesses each of them possess. Our team building experience is a chance for staff, clients and delegates to have great fun whilst creating greater team spirit; a stronger team means a stronger business.

Circus skills team building events can also help to highlight strong points in an individual’s personality or skill set. We sometimes see managers struggling with an exercise that a member of their team excels at. This gives a boost to confidence and a sense of achievement that may have previously been lacking. Back at work, this will benefit the staff member, as positive feedback following positive action results in a feeling of appreciation. In turn, staff who feel valued are more willing to go the extra mile and productivity increases.

Use team building sessions to get the most out of your staff, and to reward them for their hard work. Get your team working together efficiently and harmoniously! Book your next team building event with us. Our workshops can be tailored to suit your needs and available space. Call us today on 07775 927455.