Choosing an external workshop provider can be a bit of a minefield. With so many to choose from – it’s hard to know which workshop will add the most value to the curriculum.

With funding scarce, it’s important to select one which provides children with an enjoyable and unique experience.

We think it’s fair to say that most schools select an external workshop provider when there is an activity within school they would like the children to experience, but they themselves can’t provide – be that due to a gap in skills, or resources.

(I’m sure there are a few teachers about who can juggle or even tightrope walk. But most of you aren’t well versed in the world of circus activities – we would love to hear from you if we are wrong about this! )

While lots of children take swimming lessons, or perhaps go dancing or to football, most children don’t get access to learning circus tricks, and developing the physical dexterity and confidence a circus workshop provides.

If you are limited by budget and want to choose an activity which is a little different from the usual curriculum  – a circus skills workshop is the perfect choice for your school.

When is a good time to have a workshop at your school?

World book day

We have recently run a workshop to inspire writing and interest with the book ‘Leon and the place between’, along with some more general world book day topics. A nice change for those children who find it hard to engage with books.

Reward session

Most schools have a variety of reasons a group of children may get a reward, attendance, house points, or similar – a circus workshop is the ideal reward activity

Circus topic resource KS2School Workshop

Circus workshop providers the country over did a happy dance when the topic of ‘circus’ was added to the KS2 curriculum!

We can come in to school, and bring this topic to life.

This past year we went into a school where all the staff were dressed up in circus themed costume – it was a wonderful day which all the children will remember for a long time to come.


Healthy eating week

Talking to children endlessly about eating less sugar, can get a little dull for all involved! If you’re looking for a workshop provider to help animate your healthy eating week, look for a good balance between fun and fact to help get your pupils on board – we can discuss how we can craft a workshop around this topic to suit your requirements.

Why hire us?
Infant and primary school workshops

• We have a high standard of professionalism, we are not simply a group of out of work circus artists! We bring years of experience working in schools with a variety of groups of children, from pupil referral units through to large year groups.

•We are all still performing alongside running our circus workshops, so have a high levels of fitness, and up to date experience of new tricks and skills we can pass on to the pupils in our workshops.

• We ensure good communication from the start – getting the logistics right with school hall availability etc is a bit part of making sure the day runs smoothly.

• Having run workshops for so long, we know which tricks are suitable for which year group  (see here for more details). If someone offers you a workshop where they say they can teach 60 four years olds to tightrope walk, with just one circus trainer available, I suggest you look elsewhere!

• We teach the children tricks which they will be able to achieve, while also pushing the boundaries of their learning.

If you would like to discuss the requirements of your school, please do get in touch with us, we can work with you to create a workshop which fits in with your ideas and needs.