Wellness in the workplace is a real buzz phrase, something many organisations are trying to achieve, and many of us desperately striving for.


Life is busy.


Life is stressful.


But does it have to be?


Research states, that some level of stress is good for us. Treading the line between enough stress to motivate, but not too much to overwhelm is a fine balance, and one which looks different for us all.

However, with sickness absence costing the uk economy 14 billion pounds per year – it’s certainly something all businesses large and small, must consider. 

Persistent sickness absence is often caused by a number of contributing factors, not all straightforward health issues.

We used to regard ‘wellness’ as an entirely physical state, however research now shows that it’s not just our physical health which affects our overall wellness and productivity at work – there is more to it than that!


 “Gallup-Healthways 5 elements of well being, break down these areas into 5 key sections.

1 – Purpose: liking what you do each day and being motivated to achieve your goals

2 – Social: having supportive relationships and love in your life

3 –Financial: managing your economic life to reduce stress and increase security

4 – Community: liking where you live, feeling safe, and having pride in your community

5 – Physical: having good health and enough energy to get things done daily

There are some elements here which employees have little control over, but a few of them are areas which employers can contribute positively to.

We had a look at different ways businesses and employers have been having a positive impact on the wellbeing of their teams.


Mindfulness workshops – taking time out to practise mindfulness is shown to reduce stress and elevate mood.


Mental health days – there is an increasing trend for some businesses to grant their employees a day off for their mental health – maintaining health is better than repairing it.


Access to gym membership and fitness programmes.

One employee recently told us they had been given a ‘fit bit’ from their employer, If they reach the goal for daily steps, they get half price gym membership paid for by their company. If they don’t they have to pay it themselves – the motivation to save money makes them take the stairs! 


Regular supervision and workplace review. 

Being motivated to achieve goals and feel valued in the workplace is another key factor in our workplace wellness. Having a manager who works with us to achieve our goals, and provides opportunities for learning and development is vital.


Team days.

Someone who works full time will on average, spend 90,000 hours of their lifetime at work – that is a whole lot of hours with the people we work with!

With this in mind, it is therefore a valuable investment of both time and money to have regular team building activities which promote good relationships.

Team Day
One way to help these relationships flourish is to take time out of the office and join in a team building activity. This promotes team cohesion, and builds a sense of community among work colleagues – s
hared experiences is one way we can build lasting community and friendships.


For ideas of activities for a team day, read our blog – Team building days and why you need one!


There is no magic solution which means everyone experiences optimum wellness at work, but by making small changes we can all increase how we feel about our workplace, and the wellness we experience.

To bring a smile and some good belly laughs to your workplace, why not book us for a team day?

Learning to juggle (or watching the boss learn to tightrope) will certainly relieve some stress amongst all your team! 
Team Building Activity


This fact sheet on well being has a wealth of knowledge for further reading.  https://www.cipd.co.uk/knowledge/culture/well-being/factsheet


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