Covid Safe Circus Workshops

What a totally bizarre year it’s been, we’re never quite sure how to start emails or blogs anymore – ‘I hope this finds you well’ seems a little trite, but sadly relevant. 

We know that schools and colleges the country over have had to adapt and then adapt again, many many times over, and we are fairly sure it’s pretty hard work. So firstly, thank you for keeping schools running during such a difficult time.

Most schools have settled into a new way of working, bubbles have been created and children are back to school!

In areas where local lockdowns aren’t in place, we are still able to offer workshops in schools and would love to work with your pupils.

We hear on the teacher grapevine that teachers are desperate to bring continued creativity to the curriculum, and are looking for safe ways to do this. 

School trips are off – so an onsite workshop is a great solution.

We work with each school individually to fit in with how you have implemented safe working policy. We also have our own COVID safe policy and will be more than happy to send it to you, simply contact us here.

The circus has provided creative inspiration through pandemics, wars and crisis, creativity is a tonic for children and can greatly improve their learning opportunities.

We can’t bring everything we usually do, (tightrope walking is off the schedule because hand holding is necessary) but the rest of our activities can be delivered while maintaining social distancing. Every child has their own equipment during our workshops,  which will be used only by them, and cleaned thoroughly after use.

Individual plate spinning, juggling silks, devil sticks and diabolo are all activities children can learn without sharing their equipment. We can also do some really fun demonstrations from the front, all our staff are performers, so we can bring some enjoyable, stimulating, circus themed creativity to your children, providing a much needed break from classroom based learning.


If you feel it’s safe in your local area and would like to provide the opportunity for children to take part in some curriculum enrichment activities which provide creative learning inspiration, we are here to deliver just that. 

Do get in touch and we will ensure we work within both our own safe working policy and yours too.