Our team works a lot at public events teaching circus skills, particularly during the summertime. It’s increasingly popular to have a designated area at a fete or fayre, for the public to stop in and have a go with a variety of pieces of circus equipment.

We believe it’s taken off so much (firstly because it’s so much fun!) but also because it’s so inclusive. Anyone, whatever age or physical ability, will be able to pick up a bit of equipment and have a play. For us as teachers it’s always a joy to see several generations of one family all playing with a new trick together.

You’ll often spot a tired parent being dragged into the area by their child, who wants to have a go at spinning a plate or diabolo. 30 minutes later it’s the parent with a steely look of concentration, determined to achieve the proper spinning plate technique just once before they leave, meanwhile the child has tried 5 other skills since arriving and is ready for an ice cream.

We genuinely love what we do, we’re all performers, so we’ll always have a little streak of mischief watching these brilliant scenarios. Next time you see a circus workshop at an event, go and have a play, you might surprise yourself!

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